Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Check out J-SO's return to battle rap : S.P.A.D.E vs J-SO FIRE!!!

New to the BRL Basic training stage Spade and J-So go at each other with an INSTANT CLASSIC ONE ... YOU BE THE JUDGE THIS ONE IS TOO CLOSE TO CALL

Monday, September 14, 2015

"jSo This Is My Life" Episode 5 : Recap of My Battle

September 5th, J-So made his return to the battle rap ring and here's his recap to the event as a whole and how his battle went down. Subscribe to the BRL page to see it when it drops.

jSO This Is My Life Episode 4 : Return to Battle Rap ( Spade Response )

J-SO is back in the battle rap ring September 5th in Columbia, SC! This is a response video to his opponent "Spade" for dissing him. Location & time has yet to be announced so follow J-SO on twitter & Instagram @TheBulJso for updates.