Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fashion Tips Pt 2!

What's going everyone? Long time no talk huh. As I've said in earlier posts, I'm currently working on my debut album. So I'll be quiet musically for a little while, but I'll still offer some ideas & thoughts to stay in touch. If you know me, or seen me, you'd know I'm pretty into fashion, & w/ New York Fashion week just now.passing, I've gained some new perspective, that could also help you experiment more & add to your personal style, as it did for me. I use to see certain styles (oversized pants,oversized shirts, cropped pants, t-shirt tuck specifically) that I didn't think I could pull off due to my bodytype (athletic build). While scrolling through the "Best street style of NY Fashion week 18" it finally hit me.... PROPORTIONATE FIT IS EVERYTHING. You're probably thinking, "duh" or "you said fit is everything in your other post". True indeed to both, but it's not that simple to easily identify if you're like me, someone with a 'bigger' bodytype, a type you don't see alot of in these candid street style posts. Play w/proportions, that still fit your body. For example, I've seen a lot of skinny people wear oversized bottoms, but what I never noticed is, yeah, they're "oversized" but the top they wear is proportioned a certain way to make it appear purposely done to fit them, & not sloppy. Take this concept, & apply it to how clothes fit on you. So what I did to achieve the look is, instead of buying a normal slim fit or skinny fit pant, & go up a few sizes, I bought some relaxed/straight leg fit pants, that are my waist size, so the proportion aspect is still in tact. Same goes with shirts, find brands that have a normal relaxed fit. Hope this can help anyone reading, achieve some dope looks! Thanks for reading!

Monday, December 11, 2017

"More Soul Food" The Hii (J-SO X Familur Max)

New music from The Hii (J-SO & Familur Max) laying down some bars over Fab & Jada's "Soul Food" instrumental.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday, November 12, 2017

My NEW Youtube Channel + "Thor : Ragnorak Review"

What's going on everyone! As I begin working on my debut album (That will be released on all digital platform for purchase & stream), I really won't be releasing in new music content, until some of the tracks are in the last stages of the mixing/mastering process. I'll put out some snippets here and there to get a glimpse of my vision, but that's about it moving forward. That being said, I've decided to start a personal YouTube channel, to discuss things that I'm passionately interested in, outside of music. For those who don't know, I'm really into movies & also a HUGE comic book fan, so here's my first entry video from my personal page. Watch & leave a comment on if you agree or not! Thank You for all the support!